Thursday, August 26, 2010


A Damn pretty movie, with an excelent looking bunch-o-promotional art. I shoulda know better. Just the idea of hospitalized stuntman Roy Walker (Lee Pace) using a lonely child to steal drugs for him, made us so mad we turned it off. I wanted it to not be awful. I searched out info, pictures, trailers, cast list, whatever. It was so pretty, we thought maybe we should take another look. Yeah, it was pretty all right, pretty disturbing, pretty sad. If I lived near the people who made this movie, every time I could afford more toilet paper I`d go see em. "The hero" Roy shoulda ended up in jail, wearing that same harem-pants bullfighter outfit and too much eye shadow.
Lee Pace was a little creepy in " Pushing Daisies" as pieman Ned. He was the guy who brought dead things, including fruit, pets, and people, back to life by touching them. That was creepy but sometimes cool enough, but even his unnaturally good pies of undead fruit didn`t make up
for having us stumble through this overly mysterious, as Detective Emerson Cod would have put it, Crap Salad.


Yeowy, that red envelope crack in the Flatware-Plubar article turned out to be prophetic. The red envelope in question contained "The Fall". P-u-ey! Good thing some far sighted programming type thought to include a preview for "Kabluey", also not really a kid movie, but available to watch instantly. It got us through dinner without making us cry. This 2007 movie from writer-director Scott Prendergast had sone very funny people in some sad-unfortunate roles. Like Leslie (Lisa Kudrow), the overworked, overwhelmed, working mother, We were looking to Salman (Scott Prendergast, yeah again) the slacker brother-in-law to bring us some comic relief. Sorry, no "Smelly Cat" to the rescue this time, it`s not my fault. Salman means well, but his adventures in babysitting made it clear he could be most usefull by re-entering the work force immediately.

The job market was tight in the small town Salman found himself in, so he had to think hard before turning down any job. Though not a movie for the chronically depressed, I`d have to say it would probably be safe to watch it even with abdominal stitches.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


A parole violation wins Wesley (William Lee Scott) a place in a halfway house run by an eccenrtic Bible-banger Ned (Fred Willard). As an alternative to going to jail Wesley finds himself pressed into the house`s band playing "church music."

Their gigs at nursing homes and elementary schools help to break up their days of doing good works for the community. Wesley`s just keeping his head down going through the motions. The music is just another aspect of his punishment till he runs into piano playing savant Vernon, and strikes up an unlikely friendship.


Thursday, August 19, 2010


On the wings of a dream I am snatched up by my heart strings, and I plummet into the sky. Ignacio may only pretend to be, and the story tellers only pretend to tell the tale. I read the subtitles and pretend to grasp the meanings of his songs, and listen to his lyrics in Spanish that is also only a song to me.

The Wind Journeys” is a Columbian film made in 2009, and my favorite movie so far this year. It was written and directed by Ciro Gurrra, and spoken in Spanish,Palenquero, Wayuuniaki, and Ikun. After the sudden death of his wife Ignacio Carrillo (Marciano Martinez) decides to return his cursed accordian to his master. Ignacio is more of a closet Gandalf than a Frodo. Still, his Samwise is definately Furmin Morales (Yull Núñez), a teenage boy who admires Ignacio and wants to become a juglar like him. Ignacio`s journey is long with many dark turnings.